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forward an energy plan that shows how we can move out of this. i fault them as well. no government has been willing to stand up to these powerful interests. and that's why people are confus confused. many people, most people in america know climate is changing, most of those who say that know that it's human caused. i think that most of the debate is about the science is a pseudodebate. what we don't have is a real debate about how to change the energy system right now. >> but let me ask you on that, note, bill. because the president, i mean, first of all, it's not just america. we need an international quorum for action. >> that's correct. >> 7 of the 200-plus countries account for -- china is the biggest emitter of greenhouse gases. india is right up there. they have not been particularly forward leaning on this issue in terms of gathering international action on it. so what -- internationally what should be done to increase, i think, the sort of buy-in, if you will from other countries and then i want to ask you as a follow-up after you answer that, how do you grade the president's
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. russian is blackmailing europe over energy. >> customers continue to say they need the pipeline. >> fossil fin
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3